Version 0.12

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Aug 17, 2021
1 min read

⭐ New Features

  1. New "Completed" button - Users can now mark videos as completed. Manual toggle on/off at the moment. Future development may include analytics on whats being marked as completed.
  2. New "Content Tags" - Similar to YouTube keywords, Admins can now tag specific pieces of content with "tags". Later we will allow users to browse or search tags.
  3. New "Content Creator" Role - Now you can add additional users with a "content creator" role to your platform. Content creators can view, create and publish their own content.

✅ Improvements

  • New shortcut link to "view" content with one click
  • Adjusted homepage to be "full width"
  • Improved security for Tribe API / Database
  • First Field of Sign in and Sign up popups are now Auto Selected to remove the need extra click.

🏥 Fixes

  • Fix articles getting a "play" button on some pages
  • Fixed incorrect support URL link
  • Fixed ads sometimes overlapping title / description on small screen sizes
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