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No one gives you a way to purchase and own your app.
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Unlimited Everything.

Unlimited groups
Want to have a feed, live videos, courses, events and more, all in one app? No problem. We will make it happen.
Unlimited users
Scale effortlessly with no caps on user numbers, ensuring your app grows seamlessly alongside your expanding audience and learning community.
Hosting is on us
We manage the backend, so you don't have to. Rely on our secure and scalable hosting to keep your app running smoothly at all times."

Priced to own, not to rent.

⚠️ You own your app after 12 months.
Renew only for maintenance and updates.

Everything you need to launch in under 30 days

Leverage our entire tech stack.



Unlimited Groups
Unlimited Users
1 Domain/Mobile App + 100%  your brand
Hosted on our server and database
Apps released on our developer accounts
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Build with us and pioneer the future of your tribe

Get full control of your tech stack.



Unlimited Groups
Unlimited Users
Unlimited Domains/Mobile Apps + 100% your brand
Hosted on your server and database
Apps released on your developer accounts
Customization requests (25hrs/mo)
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“Thanks to the Tribe Social team, we now have full control of our app and the entire tech stack is in-house. With this solid foundation, we’re reaching 300,000+ inmates monthly with the Gospel. The team helped us navigate everything from design to reducing our high monthly video hosting costs. We’re now spending only 10% of what it was costing us when hosting with other platforms. The team excels in out-of-the-box thinking and innovation.”
Jake Bodine
CEO, God Behind Bars
“We had several years worth of training and Facebook groups which were really in danger of all of it disappearing overnight. We partnered with Tribe Social and have been able to create our own platform that we have no more worries whether or not our trainings are going to disappear.”
Benji Alexander
Raising Royalty

Frequently asked questions

Feeling uncertain? Contact us today, and we'll guide you through our proven processes, ensuring you have a custom app in your hands in under 30 days.

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What is Tribe Social and how can it help my community?

Tribe Social centralizes your community, courses, and content into one platform, making engagement and scaling simpler and effective.

How does Tribe Social differ from other community platforms?

Tribe Social provides a singular, owned platform, eliminating the need for multiple external platforms and ensuring you're in control 100% of your tech stack.

Can I create multiple courses/products in my app?

Yes, our platform supports the management and offering of multiple courses or products with ease. You can add, categorize, and manage various offerings through your admin dashboard.

Do I need to be a tech wizard?

No coding is required to use our platform. We provide a user-friendly interface with drag-and-drop builders and pre-built templates for easy customization.

How long does it typically take to develop/launch my app?

Typically less than 30 days. Development and launch times vary, but a basic app can usually be ready within a few weeks. More complex apps may take longer.

Can I see a platform demo?

Yes, you can sign up for an app consultation with Bruce, Tribe Socials Co-Founder and he will walk you through the process of creating your app.

How many apps can I create per subscription?

The number of apps you can create depends on your subscription plan. Our platform plan is a single app for iOS and Android. Our Pioneer plan you can have multiple apps.

Is this my app or Tribe Social’s app?

The app you create is entirely yours—your brand, your content, and your user base. We simply provide the tools and technology to build and manage it.

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