Version 0.13

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Sep 7, 2021
1 min read

⭐ New Features

  1. New Link Content Type - Now you can add a piece of content that links out to an external webpage. Because it's a piece of content you can add it to a collection, set a background image, and more. (Thanks Andrew for the suggestion!)
  2. New Topic Dropdown in Navigation - Now all your topics are organized in a "Topic" dropdown in your navigation. We even added a new description option so you can summarize your topic for your users. (Thanks Melissa for the suggestion!)

✅ Improvements

  • Much needed scroll functionality on home page collections
  • Ability to completely hide the hero image on the homepage. If you delete your hero image it will hide the hero section completely.
  • Added thumbnail images to content and collections table in dashboard
  • Added sort options to content table in dashboard

🏥 Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where Tribe hosted videos would continue to play even after you left the page!
  • Fixed a problem with users being able to login with their Facebook account
  • Minor edits to Collection dashboard add/edit popup
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