Version 0.16

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Dec 14, 2021
2 min read

⭐ New Features

  1. Decentralized Tribe Storage™ on Blockchain — Much anticipated upgrade for Tribe to provide hosting "on chain". Any files you have uploaded before this release have been moved over automatically to our new decentralized Tribe Storage™.
  2. New video player layout - Now video play is full width with chat on the left. If chat is disabled you'll see an "Up Next" area that shows other content in the same collection.

✅ Improvements

  • Purchase link for Groups - Now when you add a purchase link to a group a user will be redirected to your the url when clicking on a group. Later, we'll add Magic Urls for groups so users can get added / approved for a group after a successful purchase.
  • Admins can now set specific content creators to be admins of a Group. Specific Creator users can now manage a group, set image, change group name, description, and manage members of group. (Sponsored by RaisingRoyalty)
  • Admins of a Group can now remove a user after they have been approved. Previously this functionality could only be performed by Admins in the dashboard. (Sponsored by RaisingRoyalty)
  • New Collection Type dropdown. Now there is a way to enable or disable the checkboxes and “mark as complete” buttons for your content. All collections are set to the “Default” type, but if you change to the “Course” type users will will be able to track their progress through a specific collection.

🏥 Fixes

  • Fixed Group thumbnail sizes
  • Fixed a bug where content creators were not allowed to watch basic / premium content
  • Fixed Nav bar for Groups not showing up correctly
  • Added Group descriptions on group list page
  • Add Author back to Collections dashboard form
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