Version 0.20

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Apr 14, 2022
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⭐ New Features

  1. New Creator Profile Page (BETA) - Now all content creators and admins have their own profile page where they can post their own content from one place. Users can subscribe to different creators on the platform. Another step towards a “social” platform ;-)
  2. New left side bar on all pages. This makes it easier to navigate around the site in general. Only on desktop, mobile is hidden. Provides for a more consistent
  3. New Password Reset Functionality - We made it almost 2 years of development without a password reset feature... We dove into other functionality that we felt was more important at the beginning, but as our user base is growing we felt it was time to add this in!
  4. New Flat File Functionality for Larger sites - We created a “server less” option for large scale platforms with 100s of thousands of users. Tribe will generate a file every hour and store it on our Decentralized storage. So instead of users overwhelming the database, they can browse and watch all videos with far less database interaction.

✅ Improvements...

  • New Drag & Drop uploader - Now you can drag and drop images or video files into the content screen. Before you had to click the upload button and select a file from your computer.
  • New Left/Right arrows for homepage carousel - Before the homepage worked great if you had a trackpad on your computer or if you were on mobile. BUT if you didn’t have a trackpad and only had a mouse, there was no way to scroll left / right on the carousel. New arrow buttons solves that!
  • New Accordion for Group content tab - Now all collections will be closed / collapsed when you open the content tab in groups. This provides a high level overview of progress without overwhelming the user with 50+ resources all at once.
  • Removed descriptions from Homepage content — A more minimalist design for homepage
  • Updated Basic + Premium labels on content depending on your specific account. Previously it didn’t matter if you were signed in or signed out... the labels and “lock” icons were shown regardless.

🏥 Fixes

  • Fixed security for Premium Link content type - Previously, ****premium links were accessible to the public. We’ve moved links to their own page template. Now the user is checked to see if they should have access to this and then shows page and link if user is allowed to see.
  • If content is added to the platform but there is no video file or embedded content, the content will be hidden from homepage
  • Fixed content page crash on some platforms / devices.
  • Removes duplicate Timezones in platform dropdown
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