Version 0.23

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Jul 25, 2022
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⭐ New Features

  1. Display “ads” under videos inside a collection - This was a feature we had in 2021, but we have re-activated it to work with the new content layout on desktop / mobile. Now you can display an image or a button under the video to send people to a webpage or popup on the screen.
  2. Added Likes + comment count for each video. You can like content if the content is part of a group, but we were not showing that information under each video. We’ll have the total view count available as well in next release.
  3. New Poll type - Create a poll for your audience to “vote” in your tribe site. Requires you to enter options via a CSV and then upload. Primarily designed for high volume options.

✅ Improvements...

  • Re-order Groups to show most recently created first rather than last
  • Group content is now displayed in Left Sidebar to get to ANY content. Once you’re in one piece of content all group content is still shown on the Left Sidebar rather than going to a collection and not being able to navigate back
  • Limited the number of content items in a carousel to 20 and added a “view all” button on the far right of the carousel. This dramatically improves performance for homepage load time.
  • Removed unnecessary code libraries from old features
  • Many small additions and improvements for Open API for integration ****with new Mobile Apps (coming soon)

🏥 Fixes

  • Fixed bugs around sharing content where incorrect popup was shown to new users and even some signed in users.
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