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Aug 17, 2022
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New Platforms that launched this month!

BrilliantTV - Graham Cooke (

We’re excited to have BrilliantTV now hosted 100% on Tribe Social. Had been hosting their website and mobile apps with Vimeo OTT for the last 5 years. They just launched on August 15 on web and their own Tribe Social iOS and Android apps.

⭐ New Features

  1. New login process - Now a user is prompted to enter their email address first. The app will determine if this is a new user or a returning user and either request a password or request a name and password + confirm password to create an account.
  2. Pre-register Users - You can now create a user with no password just an email address or username. When the user enters their email address when entering they will be prompted to create a password automatically. Later, we’ll add the ability to pre-register via Zapier 😉
  3. New Custom CSS input field - allows you to customize any styling on your platform. If you like hacking with websites and customizing, then you’ll love having full control over your platform.
  4. New Script field for platforms - now you can add your own tracking codes to your platform for Facebook pixels, support bots, analytics, and more!

✅ Improvements...

  • New Hero image Link - Now you can add a link to your hero image on the homepage and link to any website or page on your Tribe platform
  • New Hero size/aspect ratio - Now if you select “hero image only” the hero image will be placed full width to fill the screen and will expand vertically to the heigh of the image uploaded. Essentially, it will never be cropped in this mode.
  • Hidden Content - Now you can set content to “hidden” and it will not ever appear anywhere on the site, not in search, collections, homepage, or groups.
  • Homepage Collection Management - Now you can specify IF you want a collection to be shown on the homepage or not. By default all collections will NOT be shown on the homepage. (NOTE: please check your platform to make sure the correct content is now showing after the update)

🏥 Fixes

So many small fixes…. we can’t list them all

  • Fixed homepage collections to never show just 1 collection on first load.
  • Fixed speed improvements throughout the app
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