Version 0.25

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Oct 26, 2022
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⭐ New Features

  1. Embed hosted videos on any website - Now you can share your hosted videos to other websites. Embed your videos on Clickfunnels, Wordpress, and any other website platform. View count is tracked no matter where someone watches the video.
  2. Zapier Actions to register users and add/remove access to groups - Now you can create a Zap to automatically pre-register a user and add them to one or more groups. Use this to update a user’s access immediately after purchase event.
  3. User Tags + Comments - Now admins can create and set tags for users and even add comments/notes for a particular user. These will never be seen by users.
  4. Push notifications for Mobile App Platforms - now admins can generate a push notification for all Android and iOS users
  5. Zoom meeting integration BETA — Now you can set your content type to “zoom”

✅ Improvements...

  • Updated the Group sidebar styling and scrolling interaction — previously you had to scroll the length of the discussion tab to get the left sidebar to scroll, now it is more user friendly with a cleaner design
  • Group Only content — Now content can be set to “group only” and will not be shown anywhere outside of the group. If content is in a collection and that collection in a group, then select “Group Only” to ensure your content is protected.
  • Groups can now be “hidden” — Previously we only had Public/Private group options. Hidden groups are not shown in the list of “all groups” on your platform.
  • Tons of performance and optimization improvements throughout the app and API

🏥 Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where after saving a user’s information it would appear that it did not save… when it actually did
  • Fixed a bug where View analytics were not getting tracked to specific users
  • Fixed a bug where the mobile menu icon was hidden if you weren’t signed in (Thanks April)
  • Fixed issue where group content could be searched and accessed outside of a group
  • Fixed issue where posts in group were not in most recent first order
  • Fixed an issue where content page sometimes crashed when navigating to the page from a group

… and a lot more!

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