Version 0.31

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Aug 31, 2023
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⭐ New Features

New: Groups Tabs

Earlier this year we brought a new tabbed style navigation to groups on our Mobile Apps, but never brought it over to our Web App.

Today Tab NEW - This is a great way to control what your users see first. You can highlight upcoming live events and quick access to popular links.

Events Tab NEW - Now you can integrate an events calendar from

Replay Tab NEW - Add a quick way to get to all previous live streamed content from admins.

Community Tab - Previously called “Discussion”, but now you can enable/disable

Next Steps Tab NEW- groups helpful links to additional information all in one page

Next Steps BONUS - Enabling Featured? adds it to the Today Tab in handy dashboard fashion

Training Tab - Same as before, but now you can enable or disable the tab.

New: One-Time-Password Email

We new sign-in with One-Time Password option is now the default. You can still sign-in with your regular password.

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