Version 0.5

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Oct 12, 2020
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Total rebuild of our app and all-new content dashboard!

Our latest release includes

  1. Number of improvements for faster load times and better perfomance
  2. All new Content Dashboard
  3. New Integrations with YouTube and Vimeo

1. Performance Improvements Throughout

2. All New Content Dashboard

In previous versions we had been using a 3rd party content management system. It was clunky and slow to add / edit content. We designed and built a new content management system inside

3. New integrations with YouTube and Vimeo

Add / edit / manage content

Add / edit / manage Collections

Add / edit / manage Ads

View and export all users

Major Performance improvements

  • Pages load much faster

New Streaming Integrations for Hosting

Previously, Tribe only integrated with JW Player for hosting / streaming. But in v0.5 you can embed videos or live stream from YouTube or Vimeo. If you already use YouTube or Vimeo you easily import all your videos by linking to the video URL.

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