Version 0.7

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Dec 28, 2020
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New Features:

✅ New Collection Detail page to view content in grid

✅ New Content Expiration date to automatically hide

✅ Publish dates set in the future will be automatically be hidden until publish date

✅ No longer using JW Player. Upload videos directly into Tribe!

✅ Better experience for mobile + iPad devices

New Collection Detail Page

Previously, we had a home page view and a content detail view. Now, we have added a page between these two. This allows users to see all content for a specific collection.

New Schedule and Expire Content Date Fields

Now it is possible to schedule a Publish Date in the future and Tribe will hide that post until the scheduled date is reached. Likewise, there is now a new Expiration Date field that allows you to hide content after a specific date.

New Video Server. No More JW Player 😃

Previously we relied on JW Player to host and stream videos to the Tribe Social platform. In this new version, we published our own streaming server hosted on Amazon Web Services. This allows you to upload video files directly to Tribe and host exclusively on Tribe.

Better User Experience for Mobile Devices

We made a number of improvements throughout the platform to improve user experience on mobile devices. These changes will improve both mobile and tablet devices.

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