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Mar 22, 2021
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✅ New Feature: Chat w/ Admin Moderation

Chat moderation has been a much requested feature — but we went even further. We rebuilt the entire chat module from the ground up all inside Tribe Social. We had previously been dependent on a 3rd party provider for chat. Now chat messages are stored right inside your Tribe platform.

Delete Messages...

Admins can delete and undelete messages. Messages are hidden or made visibility instantly for all users.

Ban Disruptive Users

Admins can also Ban Users. This will remove all user's previous comments and restrict them from posting any additional comments at a platform level. You can always "unban" a user by finding their account in the user dashboard and unchecking "banned".

✅ New: Basic/Premium Magic Signup URLs

Previously, all users who signed up were automatically set to the "Free" account level. We created a new Magic URL feature that can be shared with a user that grants that new user Basic or Premium account status. This link can be shared with new basic/premium users on your checkout page to automatically grant them access to new content.

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