Version 2.14.0

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Mar 18, 2024
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⭐ New Features

  1. New AI Chatbase integration tab for groups — now you can integrate your customGPT with your Tribe Group. makes it ridiculously easy to make your own AI GPT.
  2. New Profile Menu - now you can jump to profile, notifications, support and sign out from a new dropdown menu when tapping your profile pic in top right.
  3. Upload a recorded video to community feed. Before you could only “go live” or upload a photo, but now you can upload a video to the community feed

✅ Improvements

  1. Profile Photo Cropping - now you can crop and adjust your profile image to focus on the desired part of your image
  2. Sort Groups
  3. Longer sign in sessions on website — you won’t be asked to sign in again as much!

🏥 Fixes

  1. Corrected error in routing to correct support team URL
  2. Fixed broken links when users tapped “update app” to make sure users are always taken to your app and not someone elses!
  3. Fixed inability to scroll through long list of groups on mobile devices

What’s next?

  • Direct Messaging — soon users can connect with each other in a DMs inside you. This will be an optional feature.
  • User Profiles — User’s can set their own bios and photo.
  • and more!

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